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Planning & Zoning

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1. What are the hours of the Planning and Zoning Division?
2. I would like to learn more about current development occurring around the Village. How would I learn more about a specific property?
3. How do I obtain a permit for a sign?
4. How can I find out what Zoning District a specific property has?
5. What is the Zoning for my property?
6. What are the required minimum standards for landscaping on my residential property?
7. I would like to remove a tree from my property. Do I need a permit?
8. When is architectural approval required?
9. When is architectural approval required for new signage?
10. I own a building within the General Commercial Zoning District. What uses are allowed within this district?
11. Where can I find the developement application for rezoning?
12. I am a realtor trying to close on a property. How can I obtain a Zoning Conformation Letter?
13. How do I obtain the flood zone determination for my property?

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