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Hurricane/Flood Preparedness
The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1st – November 30th. Hurricane hazards come in many forms, including storm surge, heavy rainfall, inland flooding, high winds, tornadoes, and rip currents.  As residents of The Village of Royal Palm Beach, the storm surge and rip currents may not be of great concern but the heavy rainfall, inland flooding, high winds, tornadoes definitely are. The best way to deal with these hazards is to be prepared. If you are not already prepared, now is the time to prepare your family and property for a storm event. The best way to keep you and your family safe is to be prepared.

Before the Storm
  • Fuel up vehicles and charge cell phones
  • Double check supplies (Food, water, cash, medications, etc…)
  • Install shutters and bring outdoor furniture indoors
  • Monitor local news for watches and warnings (A “watch” means that storm conditions are possible for the area, a “warning” means that storm conditions are expected for the area.)

Click Here to Sign up to Receive Village Updates:  Residents can receive email and text message updates from the Village of Royal Palm Beach by clicking on the link above.  Residents can sign up to be notified by email, text message or both for emergency alerts pertaining to emergency situations (i.e. hurricanes).

Palm Beach County is in charge of evacuation and recovery actions after a storm.  State and federal agencies and their staff provide necessary assistance, but the County will retain control over all evacuation and recovery actions.

Go to Palm Beach County Hurricane Preparedness  website for information about flood warning signals, for additional flood safety and property protection precautions, shelter locations, special needs and pet-friendly  shelters, transportation assistance and more valuable information.

During the Storm
  • Stay indoors
  • Turn off and unplug unnecessary electrical appliances 
  • Stay away from windows and doors
  • Monitor local news for storm updates

After the Storm
  • Stay indoors until the weather is clear (Do not go outside during the “eye” of the storm.)
  • Continue to monitor local news for updates
  • Verify that no boil water notice is in effect for your area before drinking tap water.
  • Avoid traveling on roadways. There may be electrical wires down and debris in the roadway that could be very dangerous for drivers.
  • Do not use generators indoors!

Debris Removal
Following a Hurricane, storm related debris will be removed from Rights-of-Way within the Village and Village owned lands and all areas that currently have curbside garbage pickup. This includes gated communities with curbside pickup but does not include communities with dumpster service. Care should be taken to not place debris in locations that’s will block storm water drainage or block access to utilities such as water, electric, cable, or mail services.

Storm Shutters on Vacant Properties
If you are planning to be out of town during Hurricane Season shutters can be installed on unoccupied properties with the permission of the Community Development Department. Permission can be obtained by filling out the STORM PROTECTION EXTENDED DURATION NOTICE form available online or at Village Hall. 

Boil Water Notices
If during a storm event the water system loses power or water pressure a boil water notice may be issued for the affected area. Do not consume tap water during this time. Tap water can be served after being brought to a rolling boil for 1 minute. An alternative method would be to add 8 drops of unscented household bleach to a gallon of water and waiting 30 minutes before consuming. 

Community Development Services
Before a storm event residents may contact the Community Development Department for advice on best securing and protecting their property as well as preparing for limited services and resources. Community Development staff will canvas the Village to notify contractors and residents to secure any materials which may become hazards in the event of landfall.

After a storm event Community Development teams will strategically survey the entire Village and provide damage assessment reports and evaluate if any structures have been damaged to the degree which would render them unable to be occupied.

Community Development will provide expedited manual permitting in the event of power outages and can be reached at the Village Hall location and by telephone 561-790-5128.

Build Responsibly!  Always check with the city before you alter, re-grade, or bring fill onto your property to make sure you don’t cause drainage problems for you or your neighbors.  If you suspect illegal development, please call 561-790-5128.

Important Telephone Numbers
  • Emergency – 911
  • For non-emergency police issues contact the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office @ 561-688-3400.
  • For power outages or to report downed power lines contact FPL @ 800-4OUTAGE or 800-468-8243.
  • For debris removal questions, slow or clogged drainage or blocked roadways contact The Village of Royal Palm Beach @ 561-790-5100.
  • For water and sewer issues or outages contact Palm Beach County Water Utilities @ 561-740-4600 Option1
  • For water and sewer issues or outages for residents south of Southern Blvd. contact Village of Wellington Water Utilities @ 561-791-4037
  • American Red Cross @ 561-833-7711
  • AT&T Residential @ 888-757-6500
  • Comcast @ 800-COMCAST
  • DISH Network @ 888-284-7116
  • DirecTV @ 800-494-4388

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Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
Ph: (561) 790-5100
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